Murder Mystery Texas Announces Upcoming Entertainment Events In Six Major Cities In The State

Murder Mystery Texas Announces Upcoming Entertainment Events In Six Major Cities In The State

Murder Mystery Texas, a state subsidiary of Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery USA, has posted an online schedule of upcoming entertainment events in six major cities in the state including Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston.

October 06, 2016 ( – Murder Mystery Texas is the Texas affiliate of the internationally acclaimed entertainment company, Murder Mystery USA, Inc.  Like its parent company, Murder Mystery Texas provides live-action, audience-participatory mystery dinner theater in upscale venues.

Murder Mystery Texas is scheduled to provide entertainment services in six major cities in the Lone Star state.  Incidentally, the company is being hosted by a variety of upscale restaurants in the following six cities: Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston.  According to the company’s website, fans of its mystery dinner theater in these cities can choose either (or all) of the following entertainment options: mystery dinners, mystery private parties, or murder mystery weekends.  In addition to being provided with sumptuous meals and luxurious accommodations, each entertainment session is adapted to create “ultra interactive immersion theater with a homicide case theme.”

With the exception of Fort Worth, Murder Mystery Texas has partnered with Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurants in all the other five cities to ensure elegant venues for its events.  Therefore, a variety of the scheduled events will be hosted at Maggiano’s San Antonio, Maggiano’s in Houston, Maggiano’s Northpark in Dallas, Maggiano’s Austin, and at Maggiano’s Willow Bend in Plano.  Additionally, the company has booked the historic Old Mill Inn Restaurant in Fair Park, Dallas, The Hilton in Fort Worth, and The Lost Oak Winery in Burleson (near Fort Worth) for other entertainment sessions.  Interested customers and fans can visit the company’s website to view the events’ calendar.  The interactive website presents the dates, venues and ticket prices for various events.  The site is also a secure online shopping portal where customers can purchase tickets and game DVD’s for home use.  More information, including show dates, can be found at

Murder Mystery Texas is renowned for its suspenseful and hilarious mystery dinner parties that feature intriguing, live-action homicide plots, intense audience-participatory scenes, and professional, incognito actors posing as other diners.  The company also organizes mystery private parties that are recommended for corporate team-building events.  These events are custom-tailored to suit specific corporate needs and interests, and the company is capable of hosting both small and large groups.  Finally, fans can opt for murder mystery weekend events, which are lengthy entertainment sessions that start at the Friday night reception and continue throughout Saturday, until Sunday brunch.

Founded in 1990 as the Texas branch of the popular entertainment franchise, Murder Mystery USA, Murder Mystery Texas has been serving mystery fans in the Lone Star state for more than 25 years to date.  Currently, the company is managed by Robert Banks, a professional theatrical producer, and his wife Debbie, a businesswoman.  Like its parent company, Murder Mystery Texas has achieved great success in the entertainment industry.  Considering the fact that the company was created and molded by Keith O’Leary and Margo Morrison, success is expected.  The two award-winning theatrical professionals founded the highly acclaimed, Murder Mystery USA, Inc.  In addition to being featured on all the major television networks including Entertainment Tonight and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, the duo has also been referred to as “masterminds’ of this genre by the Los Angeles Times and their corporate creation described as “The Rolls-Royce of Mystery companies” by the Hollywood Magazine. 


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