Learn Dutch 5000 Phrases to Get New Updates Every Month from Fun Easy Learn

Learn Dutch 5000 Phrases to Get New Updates Every Month from Fun Easy Learn

Learn Dutch 5000 Phrases, a relatively new Dutch language learning app that has garnered positive reviews on Google Play Store, is awaiting periodic updates.

October 05, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – USA – With the announcement from Fun Easy Learn, the development firm that designed and developed Learn Dutch 5000 Words, it was clear that the Dutch language learning app will be updated at regular intervals to accommodate more Dutch phrases. The owners and developers of Fun Easy Learn confirmed that they will add 5000 new phrases to the app’s database every month to enhance the learning experience for their users.

At present, Learn Dutch 5000 Phrases has only 500 phrases, though the owners assured that they will add 1000 new Dutch phrases every single month starting from the next month itself. “In about five months from now, Learn Dutch 5000 Phrases will become true to its name”, said a developer from Fun Easy Learn, the renowned e-learning app development company that has developed many other e-learning apps for language lovers, enthusiasts, and professional translators before this.

“It is a widespread notion that Learn Dutch 5000 Phrases and similar apps are only used by professional translators, interpreters and people who work in embassies, which is a completely wring idea. Even if someone goes to study to Netherlands or gets a job there, they need to communicate with the Dutch natives on a regular basis. Here’s where we come in. We have carefully compiled the initial list of 500 Dutch phrases and we will keep adding more with each month passing. The ultimate objective is to make the app as useful as possible for our end users, including both kids and adults”, said the chief developer from Fun Easy Learn.

The developer also informed that they have tried to explain some 500 phrases and idiomatic expressions through images, phonetic descriptions and meanings in sixty different languages. They believe that the vast selection of languages would make Learn Dutch 5000 Phrases one of the most downloaded Dutch language learning apps in the near future. “We wish to take it to the top of similar apps. We have already started receiving positive feedback from our users and we need to take it forward”, he added. 

To know more, visit www.funeasylearn.com/app/learn-dutch/

Learn Dutch 5000 Phrases is a Fun Easy Learn m-learning app for Android.


Source: PR