Learn Arabic 5000 Phrases Will Become an Illustrative Mini Dictionary for Arabic Phrases in Months

Learn Arabic 5000 Phrases Will Become an Illustrative Mini Dictionary for Arabic Phrases in Months

Learn Arabic 5000 Phrases, a language learning app that has become pretty much a made-easy mobile app for Arabic language learners, will grow into a mini dictionary in a matter of months.

October 04, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – USA – Learn Arabic 5000 Phrases, an Arabic language learning app that has made Arabic language learning for new learners as easy as falling off a log, is going to get a vaster database in the coming month. At present, the database of the m-learning app contains 500 Arabic phrases. The developers from Fun Easy Learn, the e-learning tool development company dedicated to rolling out many more apps like this, recently informed the press that they will add 1000 new Arabic phrases every month to the already sizeable database of Learn Arabic 5000 Phrases

“When the phrase count reaches 5000, the app will become pretty much a pocket dictionary for the first-time learners. Plus, there are very few dictionaries that translate Arabic words and phrases into sixty different languages, which we do. We have also explained the meaning of each and every phrase through the app, which makes learning all the more fun”, said a developer from Fun Easy Learn while being interviewed by the press.

For each Arabic word, learners can see the word in print, its translated version in the language of his choice, pronunciation of the word, phonetic transcription in preferred language and an image that explains the word in a rather lucid way to the first time users. The developers who have designed the app interface for Learn Arabic 5000 Phrases said that the app is suitable for kids and adults alike.

“Kids whose parents have been transferred to the Emirates need to communicate at school and elsewhere. Undoubtedly, language barrier creates cultural and social barriers too for them. We have simplified everything so that they can learn the Arabic language at ease”, said the CEO and managing director of Fun Easy Learn.

“Also, adults who work at airports, shopping malls in Arab countries, restaurants, embassies and elsewhere where they need to interact with the Arab people can use the app as a made-easy guide or a digital handbook until they become proficient Arabic speakers”, he added. 

To know more, visit www.funeasylearn.com/app/learn-arabic/

Learn Arabic 5000 Phrases is a fun learning app designed by Fun Easy Learn.


Source: PR