Offers New Free Ebook On How To Control Tendonitis or Tennis Elbow Offers New Free Ebook On How To Control Tendonitis or Tennis Elbow

Readers will find tips, exercises stretching techniques and explanations to the most common questions about tendonitis problem.

October 04, 2016 ( – Baglic™, an established leader in Tennis Elbow Braces products, today announced the introduction of a free eBook on tennis elbow caring at

Tennis elbow ( tendonitis ) is a condition that affects not only athletes but people who are involved in activities that demand repetitive arm movements. The condition is characterized by a sharp pain in the elbow joint. It could be presented at younger ages but it is more common on people over 40.

Baglic has created an eBook whose purpose is to educate and guide their clients and general public on the best available techniques aimed to relieve the discomfort that causes this condition. “We have devoted a lot of time and effort to collect the most complete source of tips, exercises, stretches and nutritional advice all included in our eBook.” said Mike Gonzales, General Manager from Baglic.

Mike also said: “Now our customers don’t have to spend days or even months looking for solutions that don’t work. Or spend weeks trying non-proven techniques to dissipate elbow pain. The Tennis Elbow Guide eBook contains a unique collection of simple elbow exercises, stretching techniques, effective therapies and nutritional tips recommended by experts such as: coaches, doctors, therapists and nutritionists to help control and/or eradicate tendonitis. This eBook is meant to teach our clients on how to relieve elbow pain, how to prevent tennis elbow and how to avoid it to recur in the future.”

The eBook is divided into four main chapters, Essentials Exercises to Strengthen Elbow Joint, Stretching to Avoid Elbow Injuries, What Eat And What Not, and Therapy And Massage. Each strategy is explained fully and most of them are picture-supported for better understanding. The eBook is available in PDF format and it is free to download for visitors on their website It will be also available free, for actual customers who buy their products on 

Made from 10% spandex, 38% of nylon, 12% of import latex silk, 40% of silica gel ISO134585 tested materials are free from any toxic and adhesive chemicals, the Baglic Tennis Elbow Brace is safe for general purpose use for elbow pain relief. It is designed with the highest quality standards and technology to ensure the elbow receives the proper pressure at all times. Firmly and gently adjust to the contour and size of the arm providing warmth and light support to alleviate elbow pain. The product also comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee. 


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