Tiny New Online Store Offering Huge Value

Tiny New Online Store Offering Huge Value

An all encompassing tiny house general store is opening it’s online doors this month at ShopTinyHouses.com

October 03, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – The Tiny House movement is booming and a new website has launched this month aimed at supplying everything any Tiny Houses lover could want.

The new website, ShopTinyHouses.com , combines a comprehensive listing of supplies and hardware for Tiny Homes. Carrying everything from Greywater Systems to Whole Home Solar Solutions to Alternative Toilet Options the site will be of tremendous value to builders and DIYers alike. “This new website is cutting edge and far superior to anything else in the marketplace,” said Bill Smith, founder of Shop Tiny Houses. “We’ve launched with the basics for a tiny home and expect to grow our catalog and our business exponentially over the next year.”

“With the number of Tiny Homeowners and builders in the US growing rapidly the marketplace was asking for a Tiny one stop shop” said Smith. “With ShopTinyHouses.com, our goal is to carry everything one could want for their Tiny Home.” 

For more information about this topic, please contact Bill Smith or visit www.shoptinyhouses.com

The new website has more than just supplies and hardware, they even carry clothing and other personal items on their Tiny Gear page. In a community of passionate Tiny Homeowners and with more and more Americans looking to go Tiny, this new website can expect to be a huge success.


Source: PR