Syoptek's All New Fiber Optic Tool Kit Helps Promote Brand

Syoptek’s All New Fiber Optic Tool Kit Helps Promote Brand

In an era of cut throat competition, the one thing that’s makes an optic fiber company and its technicians do better than everybody else is their ability to serve their customers very well.

October 03, 2016 ( – China – Syoptek, which is a world renowned Chinese company, engaged in the manufacture, retailing and supply of fiber optic tools is a trusted name that industry people bank upon in their endeavors to serve their customers to the best of their abilities.

With their new products lending being enabled to sport the branding of optic fiber companies or even their smaller enterprises, it is now possible to create a favorable long term impact upon one’s customers. Of special significance are passive components like CWDM , DWDM ( ) and FWDM  ( ) which not only enhance the efficiency of the field technicians but also help in making them appear very professional.

The CEO and MD of the company says: “It is always our endeavor to provide cutting edge tools for the optic fiber industry. We know exactly how complex and dynamic this industry is and we do our level best to equip our customers with the tool that they require to excel at their work. The new initiative to enable branding through our optic fiber tools is a part of this process.”

Incredibly diverse as their range of optic fiber tools already is, the company looks to add to the  number of such product to keep up with the ever changing demands of the industry. Its existing product line though already boasts a wide range of products encompassing basic tools like splicers, strippers, scissors,   wrenches, blow brushes, screwdrivers, tweezers, etc and the more sophisticated kind like fiber optic splicing tool kits, fiber optic cleaning and inspection kits, basic fiber cleaning kits, fast connector termination kits, single mode and multimode fiber optic test kits and so on.

The new passive branding capability of the optic fiber tool kits has already evoked considerable interest in the optic fiber industry, as evidenced by the multitude of enquiries received by the company.  Most people would not associate smart marketing initiatives from an industry such as the optic fiber one, but Syoptek is always known to push the envelope, whether in the manufacturing domain or as is now evident in the marketing domain. Going forward one can continue to expect the company to continue to delight its customers with its innovative initiatives and ideas. It is no surprise therefore to discover the Syoptek commands tremendous loyalty among its customers.

SYOPTEK is a renowned manufacturer of fiber optic tools. Their mission is to be a first-class and reliable passive components OEM expert and partner, and to this end they are devoted to providing excellent quality, highest price-to-performance passive component products with fast delivery, quick support and upmost customer satisfaction.  


Source: PR