London Mortgage Shop Introduces New Service on Second Mortgages for Clients in Southern and Eastern Ontario

London Mortgage Shop Introduces New Service on Second Mortgages for Clients in Southern and Eastern Ontario

London Mortgage Shop is now introducing their new services on Second Mortgages for clients from southern and eastern Ontario.

September 28, 2016 ( – The company, with Agent Dwayne Perry leading the services, is now offering this new service as another financial solution for homeowners who are planning to get another mortgage to meet their immediate financial needs.

It is given that there are only few institutions that can actually cater these solutions and London Mortgage Shop wants to be one of these few institutions that their current and future clients can consider getting for this specific service. There are only few requirements that must be met as well as other details that a client must provide to ensure that they can actually take advantage of the service.

The second mortgage service from London Mortgage Shop is open to all interested clients residing anywhere from Southern to Eastern Ontario. This means that anyone from London to Ottawa can get the chance of using this new service. There are particular property types where this service is applicable and those residential, single family homes, townhouses and any similar property types are the ones acceptable. Mobile, vacant lands and commercial properties are not included while apartment style condos or rental types may depend on case to case basis. There are documents that must be provided. Interested individuals also need to meet the special details required by the company.

Through the new services that the company is offering, property owners within southern and eastern Ontario can now start arranging the necessary papers and talk to any representatives from the company to get started with their second mortgage arrangements. More property owners will know a new possible financial solution to their needs. 

To get more information about the company and their services, visit their website at . For those who want to contact Agent Perry or any representatives from the company, email or call. 

London Mortgage Shop is a company known for providing the most cost-effective financial solutions to clients with both poor and great credit scores. They are offering credit repair solutions as well as other services that can help clients in improving their credit scores.


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