Announcing: OM Times Cover And Interview Michelle Beltran – Grow And Change Your Life With Spirit

Michelle Beltran, globally recognized psychic medium and intuition expert, announces an interview with Shay Parker, featured as the cover story inside the latest edition of OM Times.

Los Angeles, CA – Michelle Beltran, globally recognized psychic medium and intuition expert, and the host of the innovative iTunes podcast, The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice, announces her interview with Shay Parker, featured as the cover story inside the latest edition of OM Times (September B 2016 edition).

The interview is a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in learning how to use their psychic abilities. Michelle shares how she stepped into her soul’s calling and what it is like for readers to use their senses to receive psychic information.

“Everyone has psychic abilities,” Michelle said. “It is a normal human ability. We call it by many things such as a gut feeling, a hunch, or intuitiveness. Being psychic is really about self-activation and internal growth.”

In the interview, Michelle enlightens readers with tips they can use to set a foundation for success in developing their psychic abilities. She states the first step is for the reader to set their intention.

She states that it is possible to teach interested readers to use their natural abilities. Based on her background, Beltran stepped easily into the role of teacher and mentor. She believes in giving students the opportunity to grow. Everyone has the potential to reach their soul’s calling on their path through their natural ability in ways that are unique to each student, Michelle said.

“The practice of using psychic abilities is a mind, body, spirit balance,” Michelle said.

She believes that the time she spent in professional sports, coming in tune with her body and living a healthy lifestyle has enhanced her ability to feel with the psychic ability, known as a Clairability, Clairsentience, meaning “to feel or sense with feeling.” Michelle has all of the Clairabilities open.

Clairabilities use the five senses in connection with the higher self, the sixth sense, and the Spirit World to receive information, what Michelle calls ‘heightened sensing.’ There are seven Clairabilities, which are Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairkinesthesia, Clairgustance, and Clairolfactory.

Clairsentience assists her in tuning into each student and how they learn in order to fine-tune their individual journey in developing their own internal sense, knowing, and connection with their soul.

Practicing psychics can also continue to learn and grow through continuing psychic development from reading and learning others’ points of view, Beltran said.

She believes that readers who are interested in learning and developing their psychic abilities can transform their life to gain an internal certainty about who they are, where they’re going, and their choices.

During the interview, Michelle shared a golden nugget a teacher told her when she began her psychic development. “It’s not about being psychic. It’s about development.”

To read Michelle Beltran’s interview on what it’s like to be psychic and more tips on developing psychic ability, read the September B 2016 issue of OM Times at

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