Floormat.com Celebrates 60 Years Of Mat Production And Distribution

Floormat.com Celebrates 60 Years Of Mat Production And Distribution

Floormat.com, Inc., an Ohio-based mat manufacturer and distributor, recently celebrated six decades of exemplary business operations in the matting industry.

September 27, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – Floormat.com is a well established matting company founded over 60 years ago in Ohio. Renowned for its extensive product catalog, the company was originally setup as a distributor of 3M floor matting products and solutions. Currently, the company distributes its own matting products and also materials from other reputable matting companies.

Since it was established over six decades ago, Floormat.com has grown its reputation and expanded its operations to earn a top spot in the matting industry. Nowadays, the company manufactures and distributes a wide array of anti-slip and matting products to all kinds of markets including military, industrial, commercial and home markets. Among its huge products’ offering, the company provides the following mats in all sizes and shapes: heated anti-fatigue mats for indoor and outdoor use, entrance mats, specialty industrial mats, logo mats, and many other safety and matting materials.

Floormat.com produces and distributes many innovative and highly functional products to cater to its huge customer base. Over the years, the company has revolutionized the matting industry with its unique and essential safety solutions. According to the company’s website, Floormat.com is responsible for many matting inventions including anti-vibration mats and pads to curb noise and vibration, especially in industrial environments.

Anti-fatigue heated mats are some of the most functional ergonomic products on offer today — they enhance workplace productivity by providing anti-fatigue warmth and comfort to employees at very economical operating costs. The company has also released a great line of specialty matting and safety products for unusual application in industrial settings. Specialty mats for medical and laboratory applications and field and track matting to protect all-weather tracks are some of the top inventions in this regard.

As the company approaches its centennial birthday, it has adopted some commendable business strategies to ensure its sustainability. The company is focusing on a greener production and distribution strategy to maintain a healthier planet. In this light, Floormat.com has produced and is distributing many eco-friendly matting products and safety solutions. To enhance its green strategy, the company is committed to manufacturing a huge number of its products from recycled materials.

Also, the company is now producing energy efficient products like low-energy heated mats and photo-luminescent zero-energy exit signs to minimize energy usage and loss. The company’s pest control product line mostly distributes green products. To ensure environmental sustainability, the company is specializing in the production of all-natural, non-toxic repellents, decoys and electronic devices, which are harmless but effective in scaring away nuisance pests, birds and rodents. 

According to industry analysts, Floormat.com has achieved success as a business and done much more for the matting industry in its 60 years of operation. As the company continues to grow, it is likely that more functional and efficient (greener) matting products and safety solutions will continue to reach homeowners, estate and facilities’ managers, and industrialists. The company has already established its reputation as evidenced by its impressive client list, which includes government entities like the U.S. Coast Guard, Army and Air Force. The company plans on marching forward and be even greener by the time it hits its 70th birthday. www.floormat.com


Source: PR