Eastern Pools Announces List Of Vendors

Eastern Pools Announces List Of Vendors

Akron area pool store maintains stock of products from reputable suppliers, honed from over 50 years of service.

September 27, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – Eastern Pools has published a list of select vendors from which they purchase the pool products available in their store. The information provided by the Akron area pool store includes both a list of vendors as well as the reasoning behind their selection. Eastern Pools notes that vendors are carefully selected by a combination of factors, including the quality of the products they provide and their company’s reputation.

The company’s list of preferred vendors is preceded by an acknowledgement of the necessity of utilizing reputable vendors especially due to the sensitive and technical nature of pool equipment. Additionally, because Eastern Pools feels their work is a family tradition, their statement discloses that they seek out companies with a similar history and philosophy. They further acknowledge that the pool experience itself is often associated with family. Eastern Pools feels that understanding this association helps them to provide products that are dependable enough to create consistently positive memories.

Their list of vendors is noted to have been curated over many years of doing business and seeking out the highest standards of quality. Eastern Pools finally states the companies whose products they source and use will ultimately find their way to the pools of Eastern Pool’s customers. Companies whose pool equipment and products they use include: Raypak, Hayward, Tri City Vinyl, Jack’s Magic, PoolMaster, Anchor Covers, Filbur Cartridges, Blue White, SR Smith and Aqua Creek. Eastern Pools also notes their goal to provide an effective combination of these reputable, national brands with the quality of their local service.

Eastern Pools is a family owned and operated business. All of the family members combined have amassed over 200 years of experience in the pool and spa industry. Not only is their experience and knowledge specific to the pool and spa industry, it is specific to the Akron area as well. The family has served the pool and spa needs of the same 5 county area since 1963. Their familiarity with the area is accompanied by their considerable inventory, which they state is the largest of any pooler dealer in that same 5 county area in Northeast Ohio.

Eastern Pools also provides an array of services including pool and spa repair, renovation, opening and closing services, scheduled pool cleanings, spa and hot tub sales and in-store water testing. Eastern Pools also provides customers with a variety of pool chemical products as well as pool toys for all ages. Eastern Pools offers specials on these pool toys on a seasonal basis in the Fall. In the Spring, their chemicals are discounted in association with the opening of pool for a new season. Eastern Pools seeks to provide a family-friendly atmosphere in their store.

For more information on their vendors and the selection of products and services offered by Eastern Pools, visit www.easternpools.com/vendors , or contact the pool store using their contact information listed below. 


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