Austin Plumbing Company, Roger's Plumbing, Declares A 110 Percent Customer Satisfaction Policy

Austin Plumbing Company, Roger’s Plumbing, Declares A 110 Percent Customer Satisfaction Policy

Roger’s Plumbing, Inc., a plumbing company based in Texas, has declared an amazing “110% Customer Satisfaction” policy.

September 27, 2016 ( – Roger’s Plumbing is a well established plumbing company founded in 1994 in Austin, Texas by Roger L. Patterson.  The company has earned a solid reputation in the plumbing industry for its focus on customer care and quality service provision.  Like all the other customer-oriented products introduced by the company, the 110% Customer Satisfaction policy has become very popular with the clients — as indicated by an outpouring of positive customer reviews and referrals.

Roger’s Plumbing is a highly esteemed company that serves residential, business and institutional plumbing clients in the greater Texas area.  Founded over twenty years ago, the firm maintains a team of expert plumbing technicians, who are highly trained in technical work and customer care etiquette.  The family owned and operated company treasures family values and ethical business principles in all its operations.  In line with its estimable business practices, Roger’s Plumbing basis all its operations on a “customer-first” business model.  As such, the company is committed and dedicated to achieving attested customer satisfaction by providing superior services and splendid customer care.  This is how the incredible, and almost unheard of in service-based industries,  “110% Customer Satisfaction” policy was conceived.

According to the company’s founder, Roger’s Plumbing is different than all the other plumbing companies due to its focus on customer satisfaction.  The 110% Customer Satisfaction policy was introduced to indicate the company’s performance levels with regard to service delivery.  Aimed at raising the service bar in the competitive plumbing industry, this guarantee is backed by the company’s “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay” policy.  According to this policy, clients must not pay for any plumbing services unless they are fully satisfied with the services provided.  Before settling their service bills, customers are supposed to assess all aspects of the service call including the quality of the actual/physical plumbing service provided, the behavior/etiquette of the workforce, and fair pricing (amount charged in relation to the provided service).

To start with, clients should ensure 110% satisfaction with the quality of the actual plumbing service provided.  According to the company’s website, Roger’s Plumbing provides many plumbing services including drain cleaning, sewer line repair, and general plumbing tasks, such as pipe leak locating and repair, gas line repairs, water heater repair and replacement, and water conditioning services among others.  The company also provides 24-hour emergency plumbing services to clients in its standard service areas.  Clients can call the emergency service number given on the company’s website for plumbing services at any time, on any day of the week.  The company promises to send professional plumbers ASAP — at no extra charges.

Regardless of the nature of the plumbing service, Roger’s Plumbing promises that its technicians will never leave a worksite until the customer is 110% satisfied.  In addition to technical skills, the company’s workforce is also proficient in interactive customer care etiquette to ensure excellent customer relations. 

To ensure fair pricing and affordable service rates, the company adheres to an upfront pricing policy based on its “Straight Forward Pricing Guide.”  Certified by the Professional Service Institute, this patented pricing guide must be used to determine service charges by all on-site plumbing technicians.  More details about these policies can be found at 


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