Towing Heroes Launches New Car Lockout Service

Los Angeles based Towing Heroes recently launched a new car lockout service to expand its range of towing and related services.

Jason Brickley, marketing manager, says the company is proud to offer this new service as part of its range of 24/7 30-minute response line-up. “Now, whether drivers need a tow, or simply assistance getting back into their cars, one of our professional tow truck drivers or locksmiths can be wherever they are within 30 minutes of making a call.”

Towing Heroes backs its 30-minute guarantee with drivers who are local and know the ins and outs of LA traffic. Brickley says knowing what is happening in the city, what a typical time of day scenario is, and how extreme weather can play havoc with road conditions, his drivers know the best routes to get to drivers and can often identify where they are, even when the driver isn’t completely sure themselves.

Brickley is convinced that when people are stuck – for whatever reason – knowing help is on the way and what kind of timeframe they will need to wait before they get back on the road, takes away much of the stress associated with these kinds of situations. “Once the locksmith arrives he can asses the situation, explain to the driver what will be happening, and can take them step by step through the process.”
Towing Heroes’ locksmiths understand the complexity of many of today’s vehicle locking systems and have the experience and knowledge to get drivers back on the road more quickly. Brickley says these complex locking systems, combined with the fast pace of today, are often what combine to cause people trouble. “People may think they would never lock themselves out of their car but some vehicles have specific protocols or functions, or automatic locking functions that people forget about when they’re in a hurry. A lockout can happen to anyone at anytime.”

Offering locksmith services alongside its full range of emergency towing services, he says Towing Heroes is a company drivers should investigate now. “Just as people think they couldn’t get locked out of a vehicle, no one expects that they’re going to breakdown. Things happen.”

He said it’s a good idea for drivers to investigate potential tow services in their area or the areas in which they travel ahead of time. That way, he says, they can check out service options and compare prices when they aren’t in the middle of a crisis or in the middle of hurrying somewhere. “We offer affordable and uncompromised services, but that’s something people should investigate and be sure of before something happens.”

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