Homeless Author Throws Down the Gauntlet

Homeless Author Throws Down the Gauntlet

In spite of the fact that hundreds of scientific studies link the chemicals present in commonly-used personal products to cancer, migraines, lung disease, infant vomiting and other serious illnesses and reactions, people continue to blithely use them. Well, author Chen Zheng Albright has had enough.

September 23, 2016 ( datsyn.com)San Diego, CA, – In her new book, Don’t Kill the Canary: Simple Strategies to Protect You, your Clients, Customers and Community from the Hidden Health Hazards of Everyday Products, to be released on Amazon this month, the author shares some of the health risks associated with commonly-used personal and cleaning products.

“The statistics are appalling,” Ms. Albright states. Citing that 1 in 3 people now experience chemical-related symptoms on a daily basis (SM Caress and A. Steinemann, Ph.D.), the spread of chemically-related illness is becoming an epidemic that is slowly and silently disabling an ever-expanding segment of the population. “We can no longer afford to ignore what is in the products we use. We simply MUST begin to learn more about the threat lurking in our everyday lives,” says the author.

A former clinical social worker who has been homeless for the past 15 years due to chronic illness caused by chemical intolerance, Ms. Albright dares people to read her book, get the info, and honestly examine how much suffering of humankind the use of fragrance and other synthetically-derived personal and cleaning products is worth.

In addition to information on the threats posed by synthetic everyday chemicals, the book draws on the author’s own personal and professional experience to offer helpful tips for making one’s home and business environments safer and more accessible for friends, family, and customers.

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