Offers Now No Win No Fee Injury Claims Services in Lancashire Offers Now No Win No Fee Injury Claims Services in Lancashire, a well-known law firm serving Lancashire, Burnley, Blackburn, Preston and Blackpool areas, now offers no win no fee injury claim legal services to their clients.

September 21, 2016 ( – Lancashire, UK –, a renowned law firm serving the areas of Lancashire, Burnley, Blackburn, Preston and Blackpool, recently started offering no win no fee injury claims legal services to its clients. The lawyers told the press that they have now adopted a simple policy to serve their clients better. Like many other injury claims assistance firms in the UK, they now do not charge their clients in case their clients lose the injury claim cases in the courts of justice. The lawyers informed that this is a simple change in their policy which would benefit their clients in a big way.

One senior lawyer explained the process to the press here in Blackburn. “No win no fee contracts are also known as Conditional Fee Agreements or CFA, which many people are unaware of. They hesitate before signing these contracts. One should learn that these contracts contain all the payment terms and conditions predefined by these solicitors. If one goes through an agreement or contract carefully, he can easily get to know about what he has to pay in the event of winning or losing the case”, he told the press.

No win no fee solicitors from come instrumental in almost all sorts of personal injury cases. Though road traffic accidents, work accidents and clinical negligence cases are the majority of the cases dealt with by them, the solicitors also get involved in all other sorts of trivial and major accident cases such as slips and trips, shopping mall accidents, pedestrian accidents and even airplane accidents.

As a part of their commitment to their Lancashire residents, also offers free legal consultation services. The no win no fee injury claim solicitors have now reduced the process of filing compensation lawsuits to bare bones. They now let the accident victims to fill in simple online forms and help their clients with the paperwork as well.

“We just renewed our commitment towards our clients, many of whom are innocent victims of no-fault accidents. Our primary aim is to pull our clients out of the unavoidable circumstances arising out of such accidents”, he added. 

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