Ohio Matting Company, Floormat.com, Goes Green With A New Eco-Friendly Product Line

Ohio Matting Company, Floormat.com, Goes Green With A New Eco-Friendly Product Line

Floormat.com, Inc., a mat manufacturer and distributor based in Ohio, has launched an extensive line of environmentally friendly products as part of its green strategy.

September 16, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – Floormat.com is a reputable industry leader in the matting business. Having been in operation for more than six decades, the company has refined its manufacturing processes over the years to create more innovative and functional matting products. In this light, the company has launched a wide range of environmentally friendly matting products and solutions in a bid to promote environmental conservation and become more sustainable.

Founded over 60 years ago, Floormat.com was originally established as a distributor of 3M floor matting products. Over the years, the company has grown and expanded its operations to create a fully fledged manufacturing division and an extensive distribution network for its own matting products and also for all the major manufacturers of such products. Today, the company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of custom floor matting, heated floor mats, anti-slip products and other safety solutions. Recently, the company revised its entire business strategy to focus on the production and distribution of green products.

Floormat.com has produced many eco-friendly matting products. The company also distributes green matting solutions for many other leading matting companies. The following products are ranked highly on the company’s “green” catalog: low-energy heated floor mats, ECO commercial all-natural hand cleaner, ECO (exit – zero energy) exit signs, and natural, non-toxic pest control materials.

The company offers several types and models of energy efficient heated floor mats for indoor and outdoor use including heated foot rests, heated desk mats, heating panels, and greener door mats. Suitable for both residential and industrial settings, these heated mats feature many functional properties including anti-fatigue workplace comfort, health and safety compliance, and economical space and energy consumption. According to the company’s website, the heated mats consume very little electricity and require just a few pennies to operate for a whole day.

The ECO (exit – zero energy) exit signs are photo-luminescent safety products that are distributed by Floormat.com. These egress signs are designed to absorb and store ambient light for emergency usage, maybe during power blackouts or in smoky environments during a fire. They do not require any electricity to operate and they produce consistent, uniform illumination, which is clearly visible at 50-100 feet in a total blackout.

Another amazing green product from Floormat.com is the all-natural ECO industrial hand cleaner. Designed for industrial usage, this is a waterless, eco-friendly hand soap that cleans all dirt including grease; without drying the skin. The product is made using a non-solvent formula from all-natural walnut shell scrubbers — it does not contain any dyes, perfumes or pumice. Its packaging bottles and dispensers are made from 30% and 35% recycled materials respectively.

Floormat.com also deals with a vast array of non-toxic pest control products. Manufactured from 100% organic granules, these all-natural pest control materials can be sprinkled anywhere to create an irritant scent barrier that harmlessly repels birds, nuisance pests like rabbits, squirrels and other rodents, and even larger animals liken deer and elk. More information and details concerning these green products can be found at www.floormat.com


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