Hydrostatic Plumbing LLC Now Expanding To Second Location in Novi, Michigan

Hydrostatic Plumbing LLC Now Expanding To Second Location in Novi, Michigan

Family owned veteran company Hydrostatic Plumbing has announced their new second business location. After success with their first location, the company is now expanding in order to serve a larger local consumer-base.

September 16, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – Headquartered in Highland, Michigan, Hydrostatic Plumbing LLC is a veteran owned company that has now inaugurated a new location, in addition to their original Highland location. Due to success in the area and a large local clientele, the company is now opening doors to their second location in Novi, Michigan. Reportedly, the new location will be called Hydrostatic Plumbing of Novi and will offer all the services of the business.

Hydrostatic Plumbing is owned by United States Army veteran James Taylor, who has been providing quality services in the area for over 16 years and boasts a large local clientele that trusts the company. Being a family owned and run business, their services are guaranteed and affordable. The most popular ones include faucet repair and installation, toiler repair and installation, kitchen/bathroom remodeling and much more. The full list of the company’s services can be seen on their official website.

A spokesperson for Hydrostatic Plumbing made an official press statement to speak about the company’s work and their latest expansion endeavors “Here at Hydrostatic Plumbing, we work to give our local residents the best services with a personalized experience to every customer. Not only do we make sure that our work is high quality, we also provide a 5 year service warranty as a testament to our quality standards. Due to our success in the Highland locality with lots of clients who trust us, we are now able to expand and serve an even larger client base.”

He further added “We have now opened doors to our second business location in Novi, Michigan where people can obtain all the services we offer at our Highland location. We have upgraded lots of things and added more professionals to our team! This ensures that both locations run smoothly and maintain the quality standard we promise. We urge Novi residents to check out our array of high-quality yet extremely affordable plumbing services as an alternative to expensive regional companies.”

According to James, his business endeavor is his way of serving the local community. According to the company website, Taylor wanted to provide a friendly and reliable service to the locals after his discharge from the army. Thus he decided to start a local plumbing company and offer services to locals at affordable prices.

Currently, the company is offering a service plan to all clients who wish to outsource Hydrostatic Plumbing’s services on a regular basis. By joining the plan, customers can redeem a 15% discount on all services. Furthermore, the company also offers discounts to senior citizens and families whose members are serving in the military. Complete company info and contact details can be seen at hydrostaticplumbing.com

Hydrostatic Plumbing Services is a local family owned plumbing service with over 16 tears experience. From clogged sewers to leaky faucets, we provide professional plumbing services you can rely on at affordable prices. 


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