Austin-Based Rogers Plumbing Launches A New, User Friendly Website

Austin-Based Rogers Plumbing Launches A New, User Friendly Website

Roger’s Plumbing, Inc., an Austin-based plumbing company, has launched a new, interactive and user-friendly website.

September 16, 2016 ( – Roger’s Plumbing is a highly regarded plumbing company founded in 1994 by Roger L. Patterson.  Renowned for its innovative business approach, the company has launched a new, fresh-faced plumbing website to enhance its internet presence and woo online clients.

Founded over two decades ago in Austin, Texas, Roger’s Plumbing is a family-owned and operated company that provides both residential and commercial (business and institutional) plumbing services.  Led by the experienced Roger L. Patterson, the company is backed by a team of highly trained professional plumbing technicians.  Over the years, Roger’s Plumbing has adopted a series of customer-oriented business strategies in a bid to gain and sustain a competitive edge in the plumbing industry.  Among its latest exploits is its newly launched plumbing website:

Designed to ease navigation and optimize user experience, the new website features a functional presentation style without undermining its aesthetic appeal.  The informative website contains interactive links to various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn among others.  Interactive contact forms are available for online clients wishing to request for plumbing service calls and for job-seeking plumbers wishing to secure a career position in the company.  All the essential functional features are presented in appropriately titled tabs like “Services,” “About us,” and “Contact us” among others.  Users can easily navigate to any section of the website by clicking on the relevant tab.  For instance, to view all the plumbing services offered by the company, just click on the “Services” tab.

According to the new website, Roger’s Plumbing provides a wide range of plumbing services under three main categories: “Plumbing,” “Drain Cleaning,” and “Sewer Line Repair.”  Under general plumbing services, the company handles slab leaks, leak locating and repair, water heater repair and replacement, water conditioning, and gas lines’ repair and installations among other plumbing problems.

Additionally, Roger’s Plumbing offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services.  Clients can call the company’s emergency service number (available on the new website) and request assistance at any time of the day, any day of the week.  According to the company’s website, plumbing technicians will be dispatched as soon as possible; regardless of the time or day of call and at no extra charges.

Featured originally on its previous website, Roger’s Plumbing has reiterated its “110% Customer Satisfaction” policy in its new site.  This amazing service quality mark is based on the company’s “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay” policy, which exempts unsatisfied customers from service charges.  In other words, regardless of the type and nature of plumbing services provided, the company only charges fully satisfied clients. 

Clients are expected to assess the quality of the actual plumbing services provided, the quality of customer service and interaction etiquette, and the fairness of the service charge before paying on-site plumbing technicians.  For the latter factor, clients are assured of fair pricing and affordable rates because the company offers upfront pricing for all its services — based on its “Straight Forward Pricing Guide.” 

Used in all its plumbing operations, this patented pricing guide is certified by the Professional Service Institute. 


Source: PR