Trusted Transgender Voice Training Offered by TG Voice Therapy

Trusted Transgender Voice Training Offered by TG Voice Therapy

TG Voice Therapy is a speech therapy service that specializes in transgender voice training.

September 14, 2016 ( – TG Voice Therapy specializes in transgender voice training .  Their treatment plans are personalized for each client, this allows them to provide proven results every time.  Each of the speech therapists at this business are carefully and thoroughly trained to provide the best possible care for their transgender clients. Voice therapy is an important tool for transgender individuals who are in the transition process.  The services provided by TG Voice Therapy help transgender people feel more comfortable in their new gender as the voice is an important part of who we are as people.

Their transgender voice training includes the following: voice masculinity training, vocal feminization, intonation changing, interpersonal communication, pitch control, articulation and resonance control.  They happily serve clients of all ages and at any phase of their transition.  The speech therapists at TG Voice Therapy are well-trained in the non-verbal cues that are common among men and women.  They use this knowledge to assist their clients in evolving their communication skills.  These skills will make them more comfortable in their every day encounters.

Many transgender individuals opt to use hormone replacement therapy to aid them in their transition.  It is a common misconception that hormone replacement treatment will feminize the voice or make it more masculine.  While hormone therapy may alter the voice slightly, it is not enough to completely transform the voice.  Transgender voice training is the only option that completely transforms the voice.  It is also a great alternative for transgender people who either do not want to partake in hormone replacement therapy or cannot afford it. 

TG Voice Therapy is a company composed of speech therapists who specialize in transgender voice training. They are specially trained to properly care for transgender clients.  For more information about the company and their services, visit their website:


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