How LAX Ammo Made it Easy to Buy Ammo Online

How LAX Ammo Made it Easy to Buy Ammo Online

LAX Ammo is an ammunition manufacturer. Their specialty lies in reloaded and factory new ammunition.

September 14, 2016 ( – LAX Ammo has made a name for them self in the ammunition industry.  They have worked hard to be a major player among big name brands like Remington and Winchester, making them one of the best places to buy ammo online .  Their storefront location in Inglewood, California boasts a massive Pro Shop.  The Pro Shop is stocked to the brim with a large variety of ammunition in every caliber and type.  They also carry gun accessories and memorabilia like grips, gear, clothing, ear/eye protection, carrying cases, knives and so much more.

LAX Ammo owns their own facility in which they load their own brand of factory new ammunition.  They also manufacture LAX brand reloaded ammunition.  Reloaded ammunition is made with the casings of bullets that have previously been fired.  They load over half a million rounds in their factory each week.  This allows them to manufacture rounds for cheap so that customers can buy ammo online without breaking the bank.

The team at LAX Ammo is dedicated to bringing a quality experience to everyone who fires an LAX branded round.  Each individual that works in the loading process undergoes a rigorous training program.  If you buy ammo online from LAX Ammo, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  They also carry big name brands like Remington, Winchester, Hornady, Fiocchi, Federal and PMC, just to name a select few.  They are the premiere loading center in Southern California and they work hard to bring customers the best. 

LAX Ammo is an ammunition retailer and manufacturer.  They sell both factory new and reloaded ammunition at case-quantity pricing.  Large selections of name brand ammo are carried in their online store and storefront location.  Their easy to navigate online store allows customers to buy ammo online without ever having to leave the house.  They are headquartered at 234 S. Hindry Ave. Inglewood CA 90301. For more information or to buy ammo online, visit their website:


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