TargetRemarket goes Global in first 18 Months

TargetRemarket goes Global in first 18 Months, a leader in providing Full Service Digital Advertising Technology to businesses of all sizes, is expanding rapidly. The agency has opened 5 new offices around the world since the start of 2016.

September 06, 2016 ( – Hollywood, CA – Some of the new domestic operations are in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, U.K, and Canada.

Company Founder and CEO Butch Chelliah explains what TargetRemarket is and what it can do for businesses. “The fundamental goal of advertising and marketing since the beginning of time has been to increase a given company’s visibility to the demographics interested in its products and services. As Online Resources have evolved, TargetRemarket has stayed ahead of Technology and have designed and created techniques and systems that now we have made available within the grasp of almost any company in the world.

“We have cracked the code and are able to provide profitable sales leads to virtually any company in over 200 different countries and in more than 40 different languages. We do so by two primary mechanisms. The first is called retargeting. In a nutshell, retargeting is when a prospective customer visits a company’s website, but doesn’t become a customer. Before, he would have been lost to the company. They would have been powerless. But, now we can “follow” that prospect around with a banner ad almost everywhere he or she goes – other websites, Facebook, Youtube- and whisper in this warm lead’s ear.

Mr. Chelliah goes on to detail the other main feature of TargetRemarket System and Process. “TargetRemarket can also drive top tier relevant clients better than any other marketing method. Let’s say that a cosmetic surgeon in Carlsbad, CA knows that his target audience is women in the 40s and 50s, who drive a BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus, have a gym membership, love wine, live in a particular zip code, and are on a fitness website right now, in real-time. In the past, it would have been nearly impossible for the surgeon to focus his marketing dollars only on his core demographic. He would have also been forced to spend a substantial amount of resources on people who would never have an interest in his services. With the process and systems developed by TargetRemarket, when that targeted group goes to that fashion site or shopping sites, the doctor’s ad leaps out directly at them. It is astonishing how TargetRemarket has changed the marketing landscape, allowing companies to be so efficiently visible to their customers.

“, is one of only a handful of companies that have made this technology available to small and medium-sized companies. For the last few years, only the huge agencies on Madison Ave had access to this type of technology, and they almost exclusively dealt with Fortune 1000 companies. Not so anymore. Now any company can profit from using TargetRemarket. Our motto is bring Large Company Technology to Small Company Budgets.

“Another oustanding benefit of instituting a TargetRemarket campaign with us is the transparency. This is manifested in two ways. First, you know up front what we charge to manage your campaigns. And you can see what is spent on Ad Spend. That is incredibly rare because most companies don’t want you to see their markup, which oftentimes is ridiculously high. Second, our clients can go in the back-end of our software and see exactly how their campaigns are progressing. Impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions, eveything needed for successful management by statistics. No other marketing allows you to see your ROI (Return on Investment) in such a simple, accurate manner.”

“Most companies in the Digital Advertising arena extends to their customer a “do-it-yourself” platform. Every campaign managed at TargetRemarket is Fully Managed by Account Managers as well as a Design and Production Team.” adds Mr. Chelliah. That in itself is staggeringly powerful as the client essentially gets a full consulting team. Mr. Butch Chelliah sums it up, “The choice is there for any company to make. Any industry’s core customers are finite and if a company is not visible to them, that company is in dire straits. Either company’s embrace and utilize TargetRemarket’s strategies or they will be competing against rivals who ARE using TargetRemarket’s strategies. 

The company not using the techniques we offer may very well be a great company, but if they are trying to battle a TargetRemarket serviced company, they simply won’t have the marketing firepower to compete. For a free consultation, Go to the website, for more free information. 


Source: PR