D.C. Technical Corp. Announces new Website Launch for its Glass Works NYC Offerings

D.C. Technical Corp. Announces new Website Launch for its Glass Works NYC Offerings

Dimitris Christodoulou announced that the glass works NYC company, D.C. Technical Corp, has launched its new website, Glassbydc.com.

September 05, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – Woodside, NY – D.C. Technical Corp is a leader in the glass works industry, providing services ranging from the installation of shower doors and enclosures to creating and customizing unique mirrors for homes and commercial venues. The company specializes in storefronts, doors, and partition walls, along with glass back splashes, railings and wall coverings.

“Quality is hard to find these days, unless you contact us,” said Christodoulou.

Glass has multiple utilizations within residential and commercial environments and can help home and business owners minimize their utility costs by taking advantage of natural light. Unlike old-fashioned glass windows of the past, today’s modern panels are multi-paned and provide an effective barrier from fluctuations in the heat and cold of the outdoors. The experts at D.C. Technical Corp. provide professional installation and assist clients with guidance for their specific window and mirror needs.

Mirrors NYC works with all types of mirrors, including stained and antique glass that can create a dramatic effect within a home or business. Glass is highly decorative, can give the impression of a much larger space, and be used to create a specific ambiance. Mirrors and glass can also be an effective security solution for airports, train stations and similar centers.

The use of glass extends to stylish shower doors that offer functionality, add a touch of luxury to any home, and increases the overall value of the dwelling. Glass technology has significantly improved and today’s glass shower doors are specially created to resist staining, residues, and minimize the need for cleaning. Glass shower doors are available in multiple styles, from textured panels and frosted glass to clear glass options.

Glass doors and storefronts are more than a fashionable architectural feature. They showcase a business and give it a sophisticated appearance. Perception is an important factor in the way individuals choose a business with which to conduct commerce. Glass window fronts and attributes provide an inviting atmosphere and the perception of transparency.

The launch of the new website for D.C. Technical provides residential, business and commercial customers with an easy way to contact the glass experts and preview some of the unique ways the company is utilizing glass to beautify buildings and enhance properties. From glass shower doors to storefronts, D.C. Technical has a variety of glass solutions, along with maintenance free aluminum and architectural metal frames for every need. 

D.C. Technical Corp. is a glass works company founded in NYC. They strive to provide customers with flawless and intricate glass and mirror creation and installation. 


Source: PR