Charter Build Search For ‘What the Office of the Future Looks Like’

Jane Bright, Design Director of Sydney based Charter Build is trying to predict the future. She has recently embarked on a journey to understand what the office of the future looks like.

Charter Build want to know what people think office design will look like in 10 years time. In the search for the answer, Jane has taken an unconventional route by talking to people who don’t work in an office environment. Jane’s past investigative series “But I dont work in an office…” featured on her blog, was a resounding success. It was re-published by in Australia and shared extensively on social media. Jane is about to re-visit all of the people who featured in that series to ask them now what they think the office of the future will look like.

Jane Bright said, “Our clients are looking for an office space which provides value for money and long term functionality. Design trends come and go. If I can predict how my client’s business may work in 10 years, I will get a better design result. I felt insights from those that don’t work in an office may shed some light on how we will work in the future.” Jane does not have the answers yet but feels she is one step closer.

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