Sci-fi Author John Williams’s book: ‘Wormhole Moon’ Now Available in iTunes Store

An aviator for more than 26 Years, a major pet enthusiast, a musician, and a much-acclaimed writer from Arizona; John Williams has been working to produce informative yet entertaining books with refreshing content and style.

To date, nine titles by John Williams have been published with the latest being his 4.7 star rated “Wormhole Moon,” now available in Apple Store.

His titles include “Take Charge of Your Aviation Career”, “Bichon Frise- Unique among Dogs”, “Pomeranian- Breed of a Queen”, “The Boxer Scholar and Clown”, “German Shepard- loyal Powerful and Noble”, “The Bulldog” and his latest, and first Sci-fi, “Wormhole Moon”.

The author is currently working on the second book of his three book series: “Wormhole Moon II – Paradigm Shift”.

A story about an apparently unimportant alien moon that conceals a wormhole, the book Wormhole Moon is one filled with excitement and exploration. The book plot moves further with the recognition of the hole as a doorway to a planet call Meritor. And then the revelation of the fact that the wormhole was created by the founders of the planet in order protect its inhabitants from their enemies who once nearly destroyed their entire race. The secret of the moon is discovered by Two US Astronauts who crash land on its surface and thus the story continues. Much like any professional, amazing Sci-Fi story, this one too keeps the reader hooked!

The intent behind John’s work is not only to complete the novel’s plot but also to teach something to his readers in a rather entertaining way. Thus, utilizing his sci-fi theme, John explores space and gives the reader a thorough view of Earth and space science.

He is a writer, worth reading.

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