Turns Ordinary Sunglasses into IR Glasses for Poker Pros Who Want to Cheat Turns Ordinary Sunglasses into IR Glasses for Poker Pros Who Want to Cheat

Cheating in poker games is both an art and a science. Those who want to win large sums of money in poker games need to employ their deceptive skills and the right cheating devices.

September 02, 2016 ( – China –, a fairly large poker cheating device manufacturer from China, offers infrared sunglasses that are processed from ordinary glasses for poker players around the world. The IR glasses, or infrared glasses , resemble ordinary sunglasses as the key component used in making this poker cheating device is ordinary sunglasses.

The company now offers various types of sunglasses for identifying marks on marked poker cards. The owners said that the users need to know first whether the club they frequent allows its members to wear sunglasses while playing. If a casino or a poker club does not restrict its users from wearing sunglasses, the poker cheating device can be very effective. However, they added that using marked cards is mandatory for winning the poker games. “Without marked cards, these infrared glasses won’t work at all”, said a top executive of the company.

“Interested buyers can either send us their sunglasses or images of the sunglasses they want. If some poker player likes a specific pair of sunglasses on the web, he can simply download and save the image on his PC before sending us the image. We can process a new pair of sunglasses from the image itself, and nobody can really detect the differences between an ordinary pair of sunglasses and a pair of infrared sunglasses”, added the executive.

According to him, the center thickness of an IR sunglasses is about one and a half millimeters. He said that the luminous IR sunglasses can be used in Texas Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat, Omaha Hi-Low, Show Hand and many other types of poker games. “The marks printed on the back of the cards make them clearly visible provided the user is wearing a pair of IR sunglasses”, explained the executive.

He also said that fast shipment, competitive pricing and several customization options give them the edge in the competitive market for poker cheating devices. 

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Source: PR