Eyemarkedcards.com Turns Poker Cheating Into a No-Brainer with Marked Playing Cards

Eyemarkedcards.com Turns Poker Cheating Into a No-Brainer with Marked Playing Cards

While the popular notion is that someone has to be super-intelligent and shrewd to win at poker games, Eyemarkedcards.com maintains quite the opposite view.

September 02, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – China – Eyemarkedcards.com, a poker cheating device manufacturer that has come a long way since its early days when the company used to manufacture and sell one or two basic marked cards, now sells marked playing cards for all the major poker games such as Baccarat, Texas Holdem, Omaha, Andar Bahar and all other types of poker games. As per the owners, the marked playing cards are suitable for cheating opponents in poker games where players are allowed to use their own cards. They also underlined that most big casinos allow their users to play with their own playing cards.

“Since the casino regulations are lenient in most places and players are allowed to carry their own cards, this can spell huge advantages for the poker players out there, as they can use their marked playing cards inside these casinos to gain immediate competitive advantages. While the players with marked cards can easily use hidden camera or camouflaged camera to scan and read the barcodes which print on the back of the cards, the others would remain literally clueless about what is happening on the other end of the table”, said the marketing head of the company.

The company also strongly recommends its customers to buy poker cheating all-in-one kits such as poker analysers of CV 350 series so that they can have the right contrivances along with marked playing cards at their disposal. The owners said that the marked cards are the future of poker cheating.

Marked poker cards are in fact the new black of poker cheating. If anybody is technology savvy and he can use cameras and other component parts appropriately, he can easily handle the cards and the devices that come along. We are quite confident that these marked playing cards will work as an immediate performance booster for the poker players all around. We would be glad to be instrumental in their win in poker games”, said the CEO and managing director of the Southern China based company that exports poker cheat devices worldwide. 

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Eyemarkedcards.com is a poker cheat device manufacturer from China.


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