Floormat.com Expands Selection Of Floor Mats Designed For Office Desk Use

Floormat.com Expands Selection Of Floor Mats Designed For Office Desk Use

Leader in floor matting solutions provides variety of mats designed to fit under desks

September 01, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – Floormat.com, a Columbus area floor mat company, has announced a selection of floor mats and other products specifically designed for use at the office. According to information available on the company’s website, these products are intended to fit under desks.

Among the selection of these products offered by the floor mat company are Winter Warmth Heated Desk Mats. These mats use electricity to generate heat. Individuals who work in cold environments may benefit from such a product. In product information provided on their website, Floormat.com also notes that in addition to providing heat, these under desk floor mats may help to provide physical benefits by reducing fatigue and stimulating circulation.

Another advantage Floormat.com ascribes to their under desk products is their economic and efficiency benefits relative to alternatives like space heaters. Their Winter Warmth Mats use less electricity than a space heater, which provides cost savings and environmental benefits. The product includes a time sensor accessory that can be preset to provide warmth at those times of the day when an individual is working at their desk. Floormat.com also relays studies which show that the temperature comfort benefits provided by their floor mats may help to increase worker productivity. The company also note studies which identify the danger and frequent accidents caused by alternatives like space heaters.

In addition to the heated desk mats, which are made of foam and vinyl, Floormat.com will offer products with similar functions using different materials and styles. The company offers a carpeted foot warmer, a heated footrest and heating panels. These products provide similar cost, safety and comfort benefits but may each be preferred by individuals with different amounts of space available under their desk or simply different preferences.

Floormat.com has provided customers with custom floor matting, heated floor mats and safety floor matting solutions for more than 60 years. Beginning as a distributor of a brand of anti-slip safety tape, Floormat.com was inspired to design better and more diverse products to accommodate the growing demand for floor mats and floor matting solutions.

Since making the decision to manufacture their own products, Floormat.com has become a pioneer in the floor mat industry. They have developed anti-slip solutions for and been awarded contracts by numberous government entities including the U.S. Coast Guard, Army and Air Force. The company has also focused on innovation, creating electric mats that melt snow and ice. Floormat.com also created the first heated anti-fatigue mats in the country.

The Ohio floor mat company prides itself on the variety of needs they are able to fill with their products. Industrial customers that require solutions in order to help their business grow are able to utilize the products and the bulk ordering options available from Floormat.com. Just as important, individual customers with health or balance issues are able to maintain independence with their anti-slip products. More information and details are found at www.floormat.com 


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