Brave Towing Provides New And Reliable Service To The Sacramento Market

Brave Towing Provides New And Reliable Service To The Sacramento Market

Brave Towing, a new and ambitious professional towing company, promises top notch services to the residents of Sacramento, making the local towing scene a little more competitive, and offering drivers more professional options to meet their towing and roadside assistance needs.

August 31, 2016 ( – Sacramento, CA – Marketing manager Jeff Brighton says Brave Towing’s local and expert technicians staff the company’s 24/7 mobile services. “Not only are our skilled technicians able to provide the most effective service, but their local knowledge and experience means they are equipped to get there quickly, to know what is required, and to understand the specific risks involved with each location.”

Ensuring driver and technician safety is paramount. Brave Towing’s technicians combine local knowledge of roads and highways with the training and expertise needed to get drivers back on the road quickly, and to keep them safe wherever they may be and at whatever time they may call.

Brighton says a driver who calls at 2pm has access to the same qualified professional as the person who calls at 2am. “We know things happen at all times of the day and night and offer the same quality service regardless of the time, regardless of whether it is a regular business day or a holiday.”

A newly launched website outlines just some of the services offered by Brave Towing. Whether drivers find themselves out of gas; needing flat tire repair or car battery replacement; car locksmith services; jump start services; or emergency or long distance towing, skilled technicians will be able to assess the situation, and to provide optimal solutions.

They also understand that not every car needs a tow, that many problems can be solved quickly and easily roadside and they are equipped and prepared to handle many problems right then and there.

When vehicles do need to be towed, Brave Towing’s experts understand that vehicles differ – in their towing requirements, in the damage they may have incurred in a road incident – and so their towing solutions may differ accordingly. Whatever your vehicle type and whatever distance it needs to go, professional tow technicians will be able to provide the best solution, and to answer any questions you may have before and after your vehicle is relocated.

Brighton says Brave Towing’s licensed and bonded professionals understand the trust their clients place in them and says they are committed to demonstrating that they value that trust. “We understand that a vehicle is an investment, as well as a tool our customers rely on. We take all of this seriously and work to ensure we meet our clients’ high expectations for quality service, reliability and accountability.”

Brighton says Brave Towing is pleased to be part of the Sacramento community and to adding its competitive services to the marketplace.

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Adding integrity to reliability, Brave Towing is committed to providing clients with up front and complete fees. Unlike other companies who may post base rates and then tack on extra charges, drivers who rely on Brave Towing can expect to know precisely what services will cost, without any hidden extras.


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