Offers Marked Card Contact Lenses for Poker Players on a Winning Spree Offers Marked Card Contact Lenses for Poker Players on a Winning Spree, a top online seller of poker cheating devices specially meant for poker pros, also sells a diverse range of marked card contact lenses.

August 30, 2016 ( – China – is one trusted online store known to poker professionals who frequent clubs and casinos and those who are always on a lookout for poker cheating tips, tricks and devices. The online seller, among many other thoughtfully devised contrivances, also sells marked card contact lenses, which are considered essentials in the poker community for detecting marks on pre-printed and specially made cards. The owners said that the contact lenses use infrared technology, which is useful for finding the marks on cards.

“There’s no better way to identify the suites and values on the back of the poker cards than these contact lenses. By wearing infrared contact lenses, also known as marked card contact lenses , one can easily cheat on other players who are wearing nothing. As these contact lenses are a pretty new concept in themselves, there’s little chance that club and casino security staff would suspect the users. Also, there’s no chance of CCTV cameras and security systems finding the hidden lenses”, said the CEO and managing director of the poker cheating device manufacturing company.

He also claimed at a press conference that luminous contact lenses can fit in the eyes of the users like any other contact lens. “Structurally and appearance wise, there is no discernible difference between an ordinary poker cheating contact lens and an ordinary lens. We also process IR contact lenses from ordinary lenses on request. However, normally, people can just come to our online store and order the lenses”, he said during the press conference where some of the company’s latest releases were displayed to the local press.

A senior marketing executive from China based manufacturing firm also had a brief encounter with the press here in Southern China. He said that the motto of his company is produce low-cost but effective poker cheating devices, of which the IR glasses are some of the most sought-after. “We deliver our products to all parts of the world and we can ensure fast shipping and lower shipping costs compared to our competitions”, he informed the press. 

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Source: PR