What do Big Data, a Transgender, and a State Official have in common?

What do Big Data, a Transgender, and a State Official have in common?

August 29, 2016 (datsyn.com) – Having a thumb on the pulse of what’s going in South Florida can turn up some very interesting information.  No… Bruce Jenner wasn’t caught with a State Cabinet Official.  It’s better!

I had the opportunity to attend a relatively new conference in South Florida known as Emerge Americas.  As their own marketing promotes this is not your typical conference and it certainly wasn’t typical.  Sporting an A-list celebrity like Pitbull, a cast of State Cabinet Secretaries, and a Satellite Launching Transgender (SLT) who currently tops the list at the highest paid female CEO in North America is certainly unique.  Think that’s strange… it get’s more bizarre.  This SLT believes in blending humans with robots… a condition referred to as trans-humanism.  What I find most unnerving is the fact that she might actually have the ability to make this concept a reality.  I’m all for prosthetic limbs for the disabled, but the end-goal is to transfer human consciousness into a robot.  Since the Transgender story of Bruce Jenner has been plastered all over the news recently, I’m sure… like me… you are somewhat desensitized to that part of the story.  So what is so great about this conference? 

Emerge Americas is a technology conference that is focused on promoting South Florida as the Technology Hub of the Americas.  South America represents an emerging demographic with a population of 414 million… and until recently, house-hold phone access wasn’t readily available like we find in North America.  Land-line infrastructure just didn’t exist to bring phones into every household in South America.  Now one out of every three South Americans have a phone.  Their first phone… a Smart Phone!  So why is this so important?

Smart Phones become a business enabler… allowing small vendors to communicate with suppliers and customers… research products… and take payments.  Smart Phones provide opportunities that were not available before… and savvy companies are moving to South Florida to capitalize on this emerging opportunity.  South Florida represents a strategic locale to Latin America… with excellent economic and political stability.  Within a 3-4 hour flight from South Florida you can access many of the prominent Latin American cities like Mexico City, Panama City, Bogota Columbia, Santo Domingo D.R… most of which, share similar timezones.  So how else do Smart Phones (i.e. Mobility) create opportunities for savvy corporations?

Besides being a business enabler… the general use of Smart Phones creates what are known as data points through the use of wireless technologies like Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and NFC… which can be used to track vendor and consumer habits… what they purchase… how they behave… and how they respond to products and services.  Every seemingly-insignificant event that occurs through the daily use of a Smart Phone can be tracked to create a Data Point.  A product purchase… a product return… scanning a product bar-code… even simply browsing the internet to find a local coffee shop.  Each minute-by-minute event… combined with specific time and locale information… all combine to create thousands upon thousands of data points daily… this has become known as Big Data click for more

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