Makes Russian Roulette Cheating a Mission Possible through Remote Control Roulette Makes Russian Roulette Cheating a Mission Possible through Remote Control Roulette, a leading manufacturer of poker cheating devices, avows to make poker cheating a ‘mission possible’ for poker pros all around, especially those who are interested in roulette cheating.

August 28, 2016 ( – China –, a leading manufacturer of poker cheating contrivances, rephrased its old and longstanding commitment by making roulette cheating all the more possible for poker players around the world. The company recently came up with a Remote Control Roulette, which consists of both the Russian roulette (a wheel which is used in the game) and a remote controller. The owners recently published an official release claiming that winning in Russian roulette games has got easier than ever before, thanks to the Roulette cheating devices manufactured by the company along with free tips and advice.

“Many Russian roulette players want to win at the poker tables and try to luck out. However, luck alone does not play a decisive role at poker tables. If you being a roulette player are not cheating, there’s probably somebody else who is cheating, while sitting just across the poker table. Therefore, it is important for the players to know the game rules and the loopholes inside out so they can employ the best of the poker cheating devices in order to clinch victory. It is not impossible at all to cheat at poker games. It’s just that players need to know the rules and the tricks”, said an executive while addressing the press here at Guangzhou, China.

According to the owners, the trick is to find where the ball will stop during a game of Russian roulette, and using a remote controlled Roulette would help the users to gain complete control on of the ball. However, the owners said that the users must prepare the remote controller much before the game starts and find a way to hide the controller so that nobody can find it out. “One just needs to press a button on the controller to stop the ball. In this way, players can easily win in this type of games”, said the CEO of during a press conference.

“Everybody is keen to make a fortune in the game of poker, especially in Russian roulette. While the odds are always against the individual players, one can certainly increase his chances of winning by using the right tricks and devices”, added the CEO. 

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Source: PR