Kickstarter Campaign Launched For New Virtual Reality Shooter

Kickstarter Campaign Launched For New Virtual Reality Shooter

Predestination VR, a new Sci-Fi First Person Virtual Reality Shooter, this week officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing for a Kickstarter campaign to finance development costs of the game.

August 24, 2016 ( – Wetschewell, Germany – “The goal is the greatest possible freedom in interacting with the world. Use Items with your hand, drive cars, fly aircrafts and many many more”, according to Dennis Mergner, game developer and project creator. “[Players] are not just running around, shooting their enemies. They are in the game world, a part of the game and always be supported in their adventurous journey by your VRI. We will deliver a game, which has in the end, breath taking graphics, very nice feeling immersion and powerful music that the player will never forget.”

Set in a Virtual Reality futuristic environment. The player is guided through a captivating story by a ‘Virtual Reality Intelligence’ who assists the player wherever possible. The player wakes up absolutely disoriented in a sort of infirmary with no memory of anything. The player’s first task is to escape from the building. This leads him through a variety of tasks and problems. During the escape, the player learns more and more about himself and his actual task. Throughout the story, the player encounters many humans and non-humans, use various weapons and vehicles, also explore space stations and discover planets.

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. ‘Backers’ who support Predestination VR on Kickstarter get an inside look at the creative process, and help that project come to life. All Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will receive ‘Rewards’ including an early bird copy of the full game when it is released, a One!Digital! Art Book with Renderings from the Game, T-shirts and an acknowledgement in the game’s closing credits.

The Kickstarter campaign is officially open until October 10, 2016.

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Predestination VR is a science fiction first person virtual reality shooter developed with the Unreal Engine 4. First-person shooter is a video game genre centered on gun and projectile weapon-based combat through a first-person perspective. Predestination VR extends the FPS concept by incorporating the exploding medium of virtual reality headsets.


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