Puerarin Showed Positive Results in Reducing Binge Drinking During Quality Herb Laboratory Testing

Puerarin Showed Positive Results in Reducing Binge Drinking During Quality Herb Laboratory Testing

Quality Herb sells packaged Puerain for dipsomaniacs and people who are suffering from cardiovascular disorders, menopausal symptoms, chronic headaches and many other disorders.

August 23, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – China – Quality Herb, a China based manufacturer of traditional medicines, recently claimed that their Kudzu root extract, also known as Puerarin, is highly effective in reducing binge drinking, a modern epithet for overdrinking alcoholic beverages. The researchers claimed that they have laboratory tested the kudzu root extract and found that the medicine is highly effective in reducing binge drinking. Apart from that, they claimed that the medicine can also be used as a highly effective cardiovascular drug. The researchers maintained that some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical research institutions have recognized the benefits of Puerarin

Marketed as Puerarin, the product is commonly known as Kudzu root extract or Kudzuvine extract, which indicates that the product is derived from Kudzu, a climbing and trailing group of plants mainly found in Southeast Asia. Since the genus of the various species found in this region is Pueraria, the extract is commonly referred as Puerain, through other names are equally popular, the owners claimed.

“Puerarin can reduce ethanol levels in blood, which reduces the craving for alcohol”, a sales officer from Quality Herb told during a press conference held here in Xuancheng City, where the main manufacturing facility of the company is located.

“However, the product is not only effective in stopping binge drinking. It is also great for treating menopausal symptoms, according to some studies. However, we are not very sure about that. However, we are quite sure that it can treat muscle pains and headaches very well as we have already laboratory tested it to reach this conclusion. It can be very effective in controlling platelet buildup”, he added during the press conference.

The CEO of the company told the press that they take stringent quality control measures and put highest emphasis on identification, research and development of Chinese traditional medicines since these herbs are largely undiscovered and they want to gift the benefits of nature to their end users at affordable prices. “We aim to become the number one producer of Chinese traditional medicines in the domestic and global market”, he told. 

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Quality Herb is the shortened expression for Xuancheng Quality Herb Co.,LTD, a herbal medicine research and development institute.


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