Bothbest Uses Lowest Formaldehyde in Bamboo Decking to Protect Users from Adverse Health Effects

Bothbest Uses Lowest Formaldehyde in Bamboo Decking to Protect Users from Adverse Health Effects

While bamboo decking is considered as a long-life flooring solution, hence preferred by many modern day home owners, Bothbest also takes in consideration the health effects of using too much of formaldehyde for gluing the component parts of the decks and floors they make.

August 23, 2016 ( – China – The China based producer of bamboo decks and floors use the lowest amount of formaldehyde for manufacturing their pressed bamboo products.

According to the manufacturers, they only use 0.0127 ppm formaldehyde for standard flooring and 0.02 ppm formaldehyde for strand woven bamboo decking

They said that they are well aware of the adverse health effects of prolonged exposure to formaldehyde. They also added that there are occupational exposure standards set by governments of different countries, and their products are all manufactured in compliance with these standards.

The bamboo decking that the manufacturers offer comes with unique designs and the density of the strand woven bamboo decks is much higher than the regular bamboo flooring.

The bamboo decks supplied by the Shanghai based manufacturing firm have a Janka hardness of 3000 lbf. The company uses European 1 standard Dynea glue, which is made in accordance with the occupational formaldehyde exposure standards and specifications. Also, they use natural OSMO oil which is imported from Germany. Additionally, the company only uses 5-8 year old sustainably harvested bamboo for manufacturing their bamboo floors and decks.

“It is important for all bamboo products manufacturing companies to comply with the regulations and we are committed to manufacturing our products in compliance with the formaldehyde exposure standards. We also use the latest German and Italian equipment for manufacturing our products. Bamboo floors are available either in unfinished or prefinished version”, said a sales and marketing manager of Bothbest.

The  company does not only put its priorities on using formaldehyde in low amount, but also provides 25-year de-lamination warranty on the bamboo decking products that they manufacture. The manufacturers said that these products can easily be used in garden, zoo and outdoors in general. The CEO and managing director said that they are now trying to increase exports. 

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Bothbest Bamboo Flooring Co. Ltd is a China based bamboo products manufacturer.


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