Discreet Mobile Lice Removal is Now Available in Roswell, GA

Discreet Mobile Lice Removal is Now Available in Roswell, GA

Lice removal can be both an embarrassing and expensive problem for consumers if approach incorrectly.

August 22, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – According the owner, this is why Lice Happens has continued to serve Roswell, GA by providing lice removal in the privacy of one’s home. This mobile lice removal salon provides treatments for children and adults quickly, safely, and confidentially.

According to Lice Happens, when lice are present, it is important to treat the problem quickly and effectively. The Lice Happens team includes certified trained specialists who are qualified at gently removing lice and educating about lice removal for the home for the future. The professionals with this company will also screen every member of the household and treat all of those who are infected. Not everyone who has lice displays the common itchy scalp associated with head lice, which is why these professionals state that they are thorough about checking each member of the family, regardless of symptoms.

Treatments are salon quality and gentle. Lice Happens uses only pesticide-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions. Fine combing also ensures that every lice, nit, and larvae are removed from the hair and scalp. The combined approach guarantees that the life cycle of the lice is eradicated.

The company understands that lice can affect anyone and that no one is to blame for an infestation. Emergency lice removal services are available and the professionals at Lice Happens prioritize treatment for young children. They believe that no one should have to suffer long term with itchy or painful scalps, especially children.

“Our Specialists also understand that head lice is always an unexpected expense (which usually comes at the most inopportune time!) and we will not take advantage of your wallet nor your frazzled state-of-mind,” says owner Tracey Fudge.

Lice Happens will deal with the problem quickly, discreetly, and efficiently.  Lice Happens is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  For more information for mobile lice removal in the Roswell, GA area visit Lice Happens’ website at: atlanta.licehappens.com/lice-removal-roswell/  or their Google Plus page plus.google.com/+LiceHappensAtlanta/about?gmbpt=true&_ga=1.123676494.410242927.1466190649

Lice Happens is a mobile lice removal family service center located in Roswell, GA. 


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