A Handmade Online Marketplace With A Social Mission Set To Launch This Fall A Handmade Online Marketplace With A Social Mission Set To Launch This Fall and are set to launch in late fall.

August 22, 2016 ( is new handmade marketplace that focuses on artisans and their process. The goal of Artisna is twofold, provide artisans a means to make income and help them build their business acumen. To build that business knowledge; lift them out of poverty, launched a 501 c3 sister company that aims to help artisans in underdeveloped countries.

“We want to bring forward talent around the world and we don’t limit ourselves. Artisna is all about making a difference in people’s lives by teaching them the right skills to create things of value and making a living out of them,”­ says Rohit Gaur, (Founder and President).

Artisna comes into the picture as a catalyst that wishes to generate employment opportunities for every artist. With that in mind will only charge 1% commission to artist who join the site. With an initial focus on the US and India, Artisna is working to be the destination for shopping and social good. “We aim to cultivate a zest for helping one another in every artisan we meet around the world,” – says Gaur. is an online market place where artisans from around the world can sell their handmade items. only takes a 1% commission from artist listed on their site. is the sister organization to and is a 501 c3 organization with a mission to help local artist out of poverty and gain business knowledge. looks to provide a hand up to artist across the globe. 


Source: PR