Floormat.com Widens Extensive Selection Of Safety Mats And AntiSlip Products

Floormat.com Widens Extensive Selection Of Safety Mats And AntiSlip Products

Floormat.com offers mats designed for stability and environmental conditions

August 17, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – Floormat.com will offer a wide selection of floor mats designed specifically to increase a person’s stability, the Columbus area floor mat company has announced.

There are a variety of situations, both in home and industrial settings, which might demand one of their slip-resistant safety or anti-fatigue mats, reports Floormat.com. Elderly individuals or those with balance problems may benefit particularly from the anti-slip products offered by the floor mat company. These anti-slip products include special mats as well as anti-slip tape that can be placed over existing mats or carpeting.

Common uses of these slip-resistant products are staircases and areas of a garage which may potentially be wet, slippery or otherwise hazardous in the event of a fall. These slip-resistant products may also be placed in bathrooms to protect against wet floors and also into showers themselves to ensure stability when bathing. Floormat.com mentions that the elderly, individuals with balance or coordination problems and those suffering from physical injuries may benefit from these kinds of products.

Businesses and workplaces in which employees may be subjected to slippery surfaces also frequently use the products available from Floormat.com. Products of interest to these businesses include their rubber and vinyl mats, mats with smooth or textured surfaces and mats specifically made with anti-slip materials. These mats are intended to provide stability on both wet and dry surfaces, as well as surfaces that may be slippery due to grease, oil or water. The anti-microbial, Electro-static Dissiptive (ESD) mats sold by Floormat.com are of particular necessity to industrial customers as well as beauty salons.

The Ohio floor matting company also offers products specifically for larger-scale wet area use. These wet area mats are used both indoors and outdoors in showers, saunas and on boats and docking areas. Water theme parks have also utilized this anti-slip matting. Floormat.com offers custom sizing and allows customers to submit drawings of the mats and matting situations they require.

Floormat.com has provided customers with custom floor matting, heated floor mats and safety floor matting solutions for more than 60 years. Beginning as a distributor of a brand of anti-slip safety tape, Floormat.com was inspired to design better and more diverse products to accommodate the growing demand for floor mats and floor matting solutions.

Since making the decision to manufacture their own products, Floormat.com has become a pioneer in the floor mat industry. They have developed anti-slip solutions for and been awarded contracts by numerous government entities including the U.S. Coast Guard, Army and Air Force. The company has also focused on innovation, creating electric mats that melt snow and ice. Floormat.com also created the first heated anti-fatigue mats in the country.

The Ohio floor mat company prides itself on the variety of needs they are able to fill with their products. Industrial customers that require solutions in order to help their business grow are able to utilize the products and the bulk ordering options available from Floormat.com. Just as important, individual customers with health or balance issues are able to maintain independence with their anti-slip products. More information about their products is available on their website at www.floormat.com and questions and concerns can be directed to Floormat.com using the contact information provided below. 


Source: PR