Cafe Au Lait Serving Up Delicious Coffee and Fresh Food in Olympia, WA

Cafe Au Lait Serving Up Delicious Coffee and Fresh Food in Olympia, WA

Cafe Au Lait is a gourmet coffee shop located in Olympia, WA. This coffee shop is serves locally sourced ingredients and food that is made fresh. They greet each customer with ‘a warm and welcoming face.’

August 16, 2016 ( – Café Au Lait serves a variety of hot and cold coffee drinks. From regular coffee to blended drinks with flavors added, this coffee shop is sure to deliver. They use locally roasted beans to make their signature drink, the Café au Lait, Mochas, Mocha Breve, and many more traditional drinks. They also serve blended drinks like vanilla mochas, spiced or vanilla chai, drinks flavored with Heath Bars, or a white chocolate dream.

Café Au Lait also serves organic real fruit smoothies. They are proud to offer Dr. Smoothies, made from 100% organic whole fruit and nutrition boosters because “sometimes nothing hits the spot like a real fruit smoothie” they say.

For food, Café Au Lait serves artisan-baked goods like baked pastries, cookies, and bagels. Also available are ham and cheese croissants and chocolate croissants from Left Bank Baker Pastries. From San Francisco Street Bakery, Café Au Lait offers mazurka raspberry oat bars and freckled clown nose cookies. Umpqua Oats or salted caramel oats and Babette’s Bakery banana bread round out the pastries offered at this coffee shop. For those seeking more of a traditional breakfast, this coffee shop also offers a variety of breakfast burritos.

Café Au Lait wants each customer’s experience to be a good one. They “open these doors every day hoping that you will come in and really enjoy your stay with us.” The baristas at this coffee shop pride themselves on getting to know their customers and their regular orders.

“Come on in to Café Au Lait and meet our friendly baristas, they’d love to get to know you and memorize your favorites,” say the baristas in this coffee shop.

For more information about Café Au Lait, visit their website at  Cafe Au Lait Oly or their  Google Plus Page 

Café Au Lait is a coffee shop offering local coffee, smoothies, and fresh baked goods. 


Source: PR