Russellville Gets Big Back To School News

Russellville Gets Big Back To School News

A local dance team recently received big back to school news when the Russellville Dance Team was invited to perform at the Sugar Bowl!

August 15, 2016 ( – Dr. Carmella Knoernschild, local dance mom and River Valley Orthodontist, announced the team to perform at the next Sugar Bowl.

“We were thrilled,” said Knoernschild, who has a daughter and many friends on the team. “This is an amazing opportunity for these girls but also for the entire Russellville area! This is bigger than dance. It is a spotlight on Russellville and an opportunity for these young girls to learn leadership skills and become role models. This is great experience – For many, they will perform on the largest stage of their lifetime! They are anxiously nervous, but they are well-trained and very excited.”

The team setup a gofundme account to help all the girls afford the opportunity, Knoernschild said.


Source: PR