Syrup President Jason Ogden Discusses Proposable, Marketing Strategies and Operational Efficiency in New Interview

Syrup President Jason Ogden Discusses Proposable, Marketing Strategies and Operational Efficiency in New Interview

Jason Ogden, the president of the branding and marketing firm Syrup, was recently featured in an interview in which he discussed a number of subjects regarding the success of the various strategies the company has implemented, specifically noting how the utilization of Proposable has enhanced operational efficiency and positively affected the company’s bottom line.

August 09, 2016 ( a new and expansive interview, Syrup President Jason Ogden discussed a wide range of subjects concerning the success of several recently developed and advanced methodologies for improved operational efficiency. In the interview, Ogden explained how these specific methodologies — along with the incorporation of the proposal software created by Proposable — generated a clear impact on his company’s bottom while also allowing his team members to be more efficient and more productive.

Before Proposable, we created documents which we then manually edited, reformatted, and organized into sections — even though we’d made up the sections in prior proposals — before turning them into PDFs,” said Ogden. “What used to take 30 to 60 minutes now takes five, and the quality and precision of the proposals is greatly improved.”

As president of Syrup, Ogden is responsible for overseeing a branding and marketing company focused on expertly representing small and underserved companies through digital media and automation; web design and development; and the cultivation of each client’s individual visual identity. In order to accomplish the goals outlined by Syrup, Ogden believes it is of paramount importance to effectively streamline operations with the goal of allowing team members to wholly focus on serving the company’s clients.

Odgen, who pointed out that Syrup has utilized Proposable‘s platform for more than four years, outlined the many ways in which the use of Proposable has positively affected the company’s bottom line — aside from the enhanced productivity that is a product of reduced proposal creation times — noting how the “increased quality of the proposal and the reduction of errors in the proposals has greatly increased close rates while also decreasing correction time.” Ogden also noted the other invaluable aspects of the Proposable platform, specifically citing the value inherent in the “ability to easily look at historical and recent trends for the sake of forecasting and planning wisely.”

Syrup is an Atlanta-based branding and marketing firm made up of “introverted extroverts” capable of “designing, developing, writing and strategizing” on behalf of the small companies it believes are all too often underserved.

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