Zaire’s Latest Album Zazyi Was Officially Released On 29th July

Zaire’s album ZAZYI was scheduled for global release on the 29th of July. This album will be of Hip Hop/Rap Pop R&B Rock genre.

Zaire was ready with the schedule for the release of his album ZAZYi. The album was scheduled for a global release on the 29th of July.

The album of Zaire will be of Hip Hop/Rap Pop R&B Rock genre. The name of the album ZAZYi is common to the line of clothing that Zaire recently launched. The title track of the album is “Every Show A Fashion Show”. As stated by the performer, this title track will be the best of the songs on the album. This album is going to be the 5th release from Zaire that will follow his recent singles, Sic Em, Jelly Bean, Dirty Work, and Wounded Warrior. After the official release of the said album, it will be available for download on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other platforms.

Zaire even discloses the story behind the nomenclature of his upcoming album. ZAZYi was his nickname, as his mother used to call him during his childhood days. It seems that he admires the name and as if recalling the fond memories of his childhood as he tagged the same name to his upcoming album as well as his recently launched clothing line.

The fans of this performer are already charged up to relish the 5th album of Zaire. The performer as well as his fans is optimist that the upcoming album will taste better success than his previous works. Now once the countdown for the release has started, only time can answer what it plans for this album from Zaire.

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